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A few weeks ago when summer was in its full glory and the new school year was just a distant dot on the horizon, these cousins (and many more who fled the scene when I showed up with my camera) found some shovels, a large sandy beach at Bear Lake and hours upon hours of time to fill.

hard at work

They went to work, man. Serious. Work.


A whole city was brought forth! Love that flag.


Walls were erected, castles were built and rivers were formed.

trail of glory

What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Sunshine, sand, great company and a project worth working on.


There is something ever so sweet about little boys, isn’t there. Must have something to do with their jovial personalities and fun-loving demeanor. A part of me wishes they could stay this age for about a hundred more years.

Here’s to Beautiful Sunny Summertime!

We will miss you with a vengeance.

Spelling tests…here we come. Sniff.



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  1. This is great!! And how much better it is than seeing them vegetate in front of a TV playing video games. This is how kids grew up when I was young. We were always building forts or castles or swimming or playing outside.

    Thanks for sharing!