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This past week my daughters and I attended a fun Mother Daughter Fondue and Game Night that was sponsored by our ward Young Women’s Organization. My current calling (church assignment) in our ward is to work with the wonderful young women, which I love. Immensely! The girls are wonderful and pass their fun-loving energy on to me each week and can I just say, I’m grateful. They are just what this 40-something gal is in need of.

I thought you might like to see some of the fun games, activities and yummy food we enjoyed! I’ll be posting tips for hosting a Fondue Party as well as some of the recipes we used for the fondue bar next week, so keep your eye out for those.

My friend Lori put together the invitations. She found a cool website called Greetings Island that has free templates you can use. You just choose one, add your information and print. Cool, yes? See their website HERE.


My cute friends Cindi and Lori were in charge of the games for the evening. They did such a great job! Both games had to do with Mother’s Helping Hands and they were a hit.

Mother’s Helping Hands Game #1: Each Daughter was given a paper with the following poem on it. They were instructed to turn the paper over and trace their Mom’s hand on the back. They then wrote a short note of appreciation to their mom inside the hand.

The moms went behind the stage curtain, lay on the floor and stuck their hands our underneath the curtain. The girls tried to see if they could recognize their own mother’s hands. Once they chose a pair of hands, they slid the paper with the poem and note under the curtain to the mom. If they had chosen incorrectly the Mom handed back the paper to the girl.  If  the correct mother was chosen, they kept the note and passed back a Hershey Kiss. It was fun!

Mother’s Helping Hands Game #2: This was a fun game of charades. All the moms were on one team and all the girls were on the other. Each team came to the front of the room and acted out each word together. All of the words were things that a mothers hands do, such as…Washing the Dishes, Vacuuming the Floor, Rocking a Baby, Driving a Car, Bandaging a Cut, etc. A small group of girls were assigned to guess the word correctly.


As I mentioned, we had a Fondue Bar for dessert. All of the girls were assigned to bring something to dip. We had three different kinds of fondue (recipes coming next week).

We opted to use nut cups for each guest to fill with fondue (less mess this way, right!).


Cute decorations found at Wal-mart.

It was a hit!

Part of the nights activities included spotlighting our Senior Girls who will be graduating this year. We set up a table for them to bring a few things to display, highlighting the things there were involved with and enjoy.

A killer athlete here…

A Student Body Officer of Wonder…

…and my own Anna, lover of art, dance and music.

We presented the graduating girls with these cute charm bracelets, complete with their birthstone, the first letter of their name and a scripture reference for Philippians 4:13. We purchased them from a great small business Up To My Neck Jewelry. We highly recommend them! They are very reasonably priced and great to work with.

They even came in these cute gift bags. If you are looking for some custom jewelry, give them a go! You can see their etsy shop HERE. They are based out of Lehi, Utah and offer local pickup if you live in the area (saves on shipping).

My daughters and I. (How did they get this old!)

Also, how did I get this old…can you answer me that? The last time I checked I was just about to graduate from high school myself.


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  1. A Happy Day! I was able to read your post today for the first time in several weeks! Hooray!
    What fun memory you created for those lovely girls.

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