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Yesterday my daughter Emily and I piled into the car, drove to our local Fox station and did a cooking segment on their fun lifestyle program called The Place. While we were driving to the station Emily said “Hey Mom, can I give you a little advice?” To which I replied, “Of course! That is why I brought you along; for your wonderful advice and wisdom. Also, so you can carry my heavy mixer into the station. But mostly for your wonderful advice and wisdom.” Ha!

“Ok, well then…” she said. “I don’t want this to hurt your feelings, but sometimes when you are talking to people or teaching a class, you make your eyes look really (super!) big and your eyebrows shoot way up into your forehead and it looks dang weird, Mom. Really. Just give those eyebrows a rest, hon. Keep them down, down, where they are supposed to live.”

She really did call me “hon”.

You can see why I wanted to bring her along, can’t you? She’s a dream of a child, often in a hilarious way.


We had a great time on the show! I am happy to report that I kept my eyebrows down where they are supposed to live (to Emily’s great approval) and made White Chocolate Peppermint Kiss Cookies and Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip without tripping or slipping or making a great fool of myself. What a relief, yes?


It was fun to get a little glimpse behind the scenes of a tv program like this.


There was a fun dance number that performed just before I baked my cookies and man were they good.


It was a great day! The program will air today (Thursday, December 3rd) at 1:00 on Fox 13, or you can watch it below, or by clicking this link.

Thanks for dropping by today, gang! New recipe coming up tomorrow, just for you.

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  1. Ha ha! Bless her! I would also want to be warned if I was about to do something weird in front of millions of people, or if my shirt was buttoned wrong, or I had a boog under my nose, etc. That is way fun that you got to be on TV with your girl, and your hair looks beautiful.

  2. Great job Jamie! Were you even nervous cause you did not even look like it! Going to try those cookies next weekend on my annual Christmas cookie bake day!

  3. Love your cookies, and have got to make them, but girl you are gorgeous! I couldn’t get past your make-up. I want to know about your eye shadow. What brand is that? Powder or cream?

  4. How F U N!! Jamie,Adore you anyway.Conistent success with any of your prepared recipes. Having 4,yes 4 daughters, my baby is 18 soon.If were me, question is how big is the set? Cuz all 4 would have to be there!They ALL would say 2 things:do NOT talk too much, and NO fidgeting!! Have ADHD, what can I say?