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Last Sunday night was one of those amazing “days to remember” at our house. A Red Letter Day, as my mother used to say. My boy Mark received his mission call in the mail over the winter break and we decided to open it up together with…


… a few good friends,


that we love…

PicMonkey Collage

our sweet extended family…


…and those we hold dear. It was a packed house, and I have to say that my heart was pretty near to bursting. It was so fun to have the people we love there for the opening!


I have to admit to feeling pretty nervous as well. When you apply to serve a mission for our church you agree to go anywhere they have a missionary program, world-wide. There are only a few places that don’t accept missionaries (the middle east and China, for example). Missions are assigned by the General Authorities of our church, missionaries don’t choose their own destination. So, there is definitely an element surprise when a missionary opens his or her call! Male missionaries serve for 2 years, without visiting home or having contact with family members other than a weekly email and 4 phone calls home. It’s a pretty big sacrifice for them.

Would you think poorly of me, if I told you I was secretly praying his call wouldn’t be to the Ukraine or that place in Africa where Ebola lives? Can you blame me, really? The world can be a scary place and there are definitely some missions that are harder on a mother’s heart than others, truly.

You will be happy to know, that we were all thrilled to see Mark open his call… and that this mother’s heart was so grateful to see that my boy will be heading to…


Nashville Tennessee! He will report to the Mission Training Center on February 10th. That feels pretty great. If you live in Tennessee keep an eye out for this handsome missionary, won’t you?


We are so grateful that he has been given the opportunity to serve and that he is ready and willing to go. I’m exceedingly proud of him.

Exceedingly. 🙂

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  1. I am a church member in Madison, Al. Just 1 1/2 hours south of Nashville. I found your blog when we were on our mission to the Canary Islands. It helped me a lot. Your son will love Nashville! It is a beautiful state. Missionary work is never easy but the members will spoil him! And there is a temple there. Best wishes.

  2. Congratulations!That’s wonderful! My grandpa is from Tennessee. My son will be putting in for his call in just a few weeks. Love from Southern California

  3. Congrats to your son! I am hoping to get accepted to a missions school for the fall! I am really excited! I love the pictures you have as well! They really add to the post!

  4. My dad served in that mission and loved it! My husband served in Alabama and loved it! Southern hospitality is a true thing!

  5. Bless your son and may he be safe. Oh how he will miss your cooking, advice and the family and friends.
    But his calling is greater. There are good books out there for missionary cooking meals. A great help.
    Love your website..

  6. Congratulations and best wishes for your family. What fun it had to be to have all your family and friends there when he opened his call.

  7. Congrats to Mark! My husband and I busted Nashville a couple of years ago. It was fun! I have a friend who lives in Mt Juliet. We wish him the best on his mission!