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I’m excited to share this fun list with you all today! It’s part 2 of the Best Recipes of 2016. Yesterday I shared the most popular recipes from the past year.  You can see it HERE. Today, I’m sharing my personal favorites. I’ve loved looking back at all of the deliciousness that has happened over the year on this little blog of mine. I wish I could, instead of rambling on about how much I love all these recipes, simply slice you up a piece of pie or cake or a wonderful bowl full of grilled chicken, veggies and sesame noodles and pass it right through the screen to you there in your very own kitchen. That would sure be amazing and much more enjoyable!  Unfortunately, technology has not come that far as of yet. But I have my hopes. I surely do. 🙂

Until then, can you settle for my description of these great recipes? Trust me, won’t you. They are wonderful…

Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake at Jamie Cooks It Up!10. Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake 

This cake is fabulously moist, buttery and loaded with plump blueberries and sliced almonds. It’s wonderful!

Grilled Sesame Chicken and Noodle Bowls9. Grilled Sesame Chicken and Noodle Bowl 

The combination of grilled chicken, roasted veggies and sesame noodles is fabulous!
I could seriously eat this every day and die a happy woman.

Cake Mix Dessert Waffles8. Cake Mix Dessert Waffles 

Can we give it up for these amazing Dessert Waffles, seriously! You can use any flavor of cake mix to make them, then top with ice cream and any toppings you would like. Lemon Waffles with Vanilla ice Cream and Raspberry Syrup…divine! Chocolate Waffles with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Homemade Hot Fudge…incredible! Red Velvet Waffles with Raspberry Cream Cheese Ice Cream…out of this world. These are so much fun to make for a party. Fun and so yummy.

lemon-terragon-pasta-salad-from-jamie-cooks-it-up7. Lemon Tarragon Pasta Salad 

The combination of fresh lemon and tarragon in this hearty pasta salad is so light, refreshing and fabulous!

Loaded Peanut Butter Cup Chex Mix at Jamie Cooks It Up!6. Loaded Peanut Butter Cup Chex Mix

This recipe could easily be called “Death By Peanut Butter Cup and Caramel Bliss”, this is not a joke. I can hardly express to you how amazing this Chex Mix is. However, you know I will surely try. 🙂 Chocolate Chex Cereal is covered in a crunchy caramel coating, tossed with marshmallows and mini peanut butter cups then drizzled with white chocolate, milk chocolate and more caramel. Amazing! Fabulous! Make some at your earliest convenience. Then please invite me to come right over. Thank you.

Savory Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Jamie Cooks It Up!5. Savory Roasted Sweet Potatoes 

Something amazing happens to sweet potatoes when they are tossed in olive oil, lightly seasoned and then roasted in the oven. It’s almost like they turn into candy! This particular version is wonderful. We have been eating them all year long.

Berry Almond Salad with Creamy Berry Dressing_edited-14. Berry Almond Salad with Creamy Berry Dressing 

I’ve made this delicious salad more times than I can count over the past year. Every time I take it somewhere I’m always asked for the recipe. The Creamy Berry Dressing has a great tangy flavor that pairs so nicely with the fresh berries and sugared almonds. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!

Nutella Strawberry Pie from Jamie Cooks It Up!3. Nutella Strawberry Pie 

This tastes like a big chocolate dipped strawberry in pie form. It is beyond delicious and super easy to make.

Coconut Cream Cookies2. Coconut Cream Cookies 

Soft and Chewy Cookies + Coconut Cream Frosting + Toasted Coconut = Blissfull Heaven, at least in my book!

sushi stacks from jamie cooksitup1. Homemade Sushi Stacks 

These Sushi Stacks are so much fun! They are great to have as the main course at a dinner party. Everyone can build their own according to their own tastes. Fun and Yummy and by far my most favorite recipe of 2016, most likely because they are so unique.

It’s been a great year here at Jamie Cooks It Up!
Thanks again for your wonderful support. 🙂
My love to all of you!

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