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Have you tried making Hard Boiled Eggs in your instant pot, yet? It is seriously REVOLUTIONARY. And I mean that in all truth, my fiends. It’s quick, easy and the shells come off with more ease than you will believe possible. It’s the ONLY WAY to make Hard Boiled Eggs. Hope some of you get a chance to try it!

Let me show you how to make it happen…


1. Place the steam rack in the bottom of your instant pot.
2. Carefully set 12 eggs on the rack. (You can certainly cook less than 12 at a time, but I don’t recommend cooking any more than 12).

3. Pour 1 C water over the top and place the lid on, making sure it’s secure and that the pressure release is set tightly to the seal setting. Trust me when I say that if it’s on “vent” you will end up with charcoal colored, burned eggs. Speaking from experience, here. 😉 Don’t be like me. Keep the pressure valve sealed.


4. Turn the instant pot to high pressure. Hit the manual button and adjust the time to 5 minutes. The pot will turn on and take several minutes to heat up, before it cooks for 5 minutes. Once it has reached the end of the five-minute cooking time, it will beep.

5. Immediately (and carefully) switch the pressure valve to vent. It will release a ton of steam. I like to toss a paper towel over the top of the valve, so it doesn’t make a mess.

6. When all of the pressure has been released grab some hot pads and remove the silver pot. Place it in the bottom of your sink and run cold water over the eggs until they have cooled down enough to peel. I usually let them sit in the cold water for several minutes.

7. Peel and enjoy. You seriously won’t believe how easy it is to peel these eggs. The shell comes off so well and leaves the eggs nicely in tact.

Serve an enjoy! To store leftover eggs place a paper towel in a gladware container (or ziploc bag) and place the eggs on top of the towel. This helps them stay fresh and not become slimy.

We like to eat them with just a little bit of salt and pepper. They are also great served as part of a “build your own” salad bar…


…or turn them into Deviled Eggs.


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  1. What a great idea for my under-used Pot. I really need to get it out more! A little tip to know when to peel; place your cooked eggs in a bowl of cold water with ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt the eggs are ready to peel. Works like a charm.

  2. I’ve heard also that steaming the eggs will produce the same results.

    Love the dishes you have the build your own salad items set out in—mayI ask where you got them?

  3. This morning I followed this recipe…I found that after 5 minutes the yolks were undercooked….but that’s okay with me.
    You were so correct in saying that the eggs are easy to peel…couldn’t have been easier! Thanks for this post!

    1. Dennis,
      Thanks for your feedback. Perhaps our kitchens are at different elevations. I would suggest trying 7 minutes and see if that helps. Best of luck!