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Those of you who have read my blog for a while now, know that I have twin boys who started kindergarten this year.  Those of you who have had children in kindergarten most assuredly know that it is the most darling of all the grades. Am I right? There is just something so endearing about cute 5 and 6 year olds braving the world of school, learning the rules and working hard to achieve…all with the bright eyes of discovery.

A few days ago I left my boys in the charge of my TeenDaughterAnna. I asked that she get out the kindergarten homework for the day and have my boys complete it before I got home. (It was one of those busy days when there are more things on the to do list than there is time for, okay? I wasn’t trying to shirk my duties or anything…just making sure everyone was able to get their responsibilities taken care of. Thank you for your understanding.)

When I arrived home MyLittleTwinBoyNate met me at the door and said “Hey Mom, Aaron didn’t want to do his homework today, so I just did it for him so we could go down together and play the wii.”

So I promptly rattled off all of the reasons why we shouldn’t do each others homework, and that it was kind of like cheating and cheating isn’t allowed at school and your teacher wouldn’t like it, and Aaron needs to learn on his own without you taking over for him…and so and so forth. He said he would be sure and remember. 🙂 Then, I kind of forgot about it while we raced around during the evening putting out fires and taking care of family life issues.

The next morning when I was packing up their kindergarten backpacks, I found two sheets of finished homework laying on the kitchen table. Both papers had a very neatly written “Nate” at the top of the page.

What a thoughtful boy, thought I…to complete his brothers homework so thoroughly. 🙂


It’s really cute.

This Southwest Cheddar Cheese Soup is very tasty, can be made in 30 minutes or less and is perfect for a cold snowy day. A touch of  salsa and some green peppers give this cheesy soup its southwestern flavor. It’s a nice twist on regular cheese soup. My family loved it and gobbled it all up in one sitting. It would be wonderful served with the Fluffy Honey Wheat Rolls I posted last week.  Hope you enjoy it!

1. Chop up the potatoes, onion, carrots and green pepper. Toss them into a big soup pot and pour 3 cups of water over the top. The water should cover the veggies up with about half an inch of water remaining on top.

2. Add 3 chicken bullion cubes or 3 teaspoons of bullion granules to the pot. Give it a nice stir to incorporate. Turn the heat to medium high and let the veggies cook until they are fork tender.

3. While your veggies cook, find yourself some velveeta cheese. You will need just a little bit more than half of a 2 pound block.

Or in other words, 4 cups of velveeta cheese cubed up nicely. Open up that package and cut up the cheese with a sharp knife.

4. In a skillet (or medium-sized sauce pan) melt 1/3 cup of butter over medium high heat.

5. Add 1/3 cup flour

and immediately whisk it around to form a thick paste.

6. Pour in 3 1/2 cups of milk

and whisk it around to combine. Keep stirring it and watch for it to get nice and bubbly and thick. Should take just a few minutes.

7. When your veggies are cooked through, add the thickened butter and milk mixture to the soup pot. (Don’t drain any of the liquid the veggies were cooking in). Give it all a nice stir.

8. Add your velveeta cheese

and 2 tablespoons of salsa. (Feel free to add a little bit more, if you enjoy that kind of thing). Stir it well to combine. The cheese will melt quite quickly. When it has been incorporated into the soup remove the pot from the heat, serve and enjoy.

Recipe from my mother in law, Jill Eskelson

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  1. This is going on my menu this week—thanks for sharing Jamie—on the cheese–since you have to cut out from the block—do you know how many ounces it would be in lieu of the 4 cups? My daughter saw this and said we have to make it.


  2. The soup sounds great! The ingredients say 3 C Boullion cubes, I’m assuming that’s not right. Should it be 3 Boullion cubes?

  3. LOL – what an adorable story. Oh my… just think of the things you’re in for in the years to come!

  4. I bet you’re a great mother–no need to worry about asking your daughter to have you sons do their work! We’re not judging!

  5. Oh, and P.S. this is bubbling away on my stove right now and my husband tasted it and said, “That’s GOOD!”

    1. Dr. Davis. Thanks so much for your amazing book. I’ve sesupcted for several years now that wheat was the culprit of many of my health issues but I wasn’t getting much support from the health care industry. I was explaining all my issues to a friend a few years ago who recommended I be tested for Celiac, she had been recently diagnosed. I had the blood test 3 years ago and it came back negative, had a colonscopy and no colitis either. Nothing to explain all my GI issues. So three years later, convinced I needed to try again I found a new GI doctor who agreed to do an endoscopy and bioposy to check for Celiac. I’ve also had acid reflux for 10 years and my mother has Barret’s disease so that helped my case. His was also likely more willing to biopsy for Celiac since his daughter had many negative blood tests for years before finally, recently, getting her Celiac diagnosis confirmed with a biopsy. I was so convinced I had Celiac that when the biopsy came back negative I was at a loss, again. Well fortunately a friend from church recommended your book which I purchased immmediately and devoured within a week or so. And finally all the pieces fit together. I’ve now been wheat free for 18 days and following a grain free, low carb diet for 11 days and my health is improving dramatically. The wheat withdrawal was a bit brutal at first but the results have been totally worth it. No more tums or prilosec or any other acid reflux medication. GI issues are nearly resolved. I’ve lost 6 lbs and my waist/belly is rapidly shrinking. I’m in my 40s and have battled my weight for my whole life (pretty much since puberty) and have tried every Dr. recommended healthy and crackpot weight loss regime (both food and intensive exercise programs), including a stint of bulemia in high school, only to see minimal progress that was short-lived (yo-yo) and continual weight gain that had recently put me in the obese category. I’m thrilled with the progress but more importantly with the amount of energy I have and how much better I feel. In addition to my acid reflux and GI issues I’ve suffered from depression, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, and a host of othe various issues over the years and I’ve seen dramatic improvements in almost all areas. The psoriasis is clearing up a bit but from having read your book I realize it may take much longer before that is under control. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to explain in great detail all the scientific data and research to explain all the health implications caused by wheat. I’m an engineer so having the scientific data to support the results I’m seeing is huge for me. And I’m loving the fact that I can enjoy cheese again- guilt free, especially since I also live in Wisconsin, where as you know, much good cheese abounds. I had severly limited it in my most recent low-fat diet. I’m also rediscovering and discovering many new vegetables. The 3 cheese eggplant casserole recipe in your book is amazing and a great replacement choice for this former pasta loving wheat addict. I have a long way to go on my weight loss journey but I finally have hope again that I can reach my goals. Thanks again and God Bless.

  6. Jamie, I love your stories and I love your recipes. But honey (as we say in the South) Velveeta and cheddar are not the same thing. Now, Velveeta (notice the capitalization), that is real cheese. That is why we capitalize it. LOL

  7. Jamie
    You have another winner—made this this evening—talk about GOOD. It sure was. Will be making it quite often.

  8. Wow… I made this soup last night and it was delicious! However, I was so impressed tonight when I heated up leftovers because it tasted even better! It thickened up some, becoming more of a cream of potato-type soup. Again…wow. So good! I cannot wait to make this again.