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This is MyTeenSonMark.

He’s really old all of a sudden.

Like, 16 ripe years of age and everything.

The other day he came to me and said…”So Mom. I am going to ask this really cute girl out on a date and I had an awesome idea. What would you think about us cooking our very own dinner, right here in your very own kitchen. You could just help me choose some recipes that are easy for kids like me to make, and then you could get the groceries for us, and then you could just like be in the other room waiting around in case we needed some help or something. What do you think?”

What could I say, but “You bet, sounds like a blast!”

You know what happens when your son brings a cute date home to cook in your kitchen, don’t you? A Mama like me gets the chance to have a  birds eye view, that’s what. 🙂 I like a birds eye view, don’t you?


Did I mention these kids are cute? You can see for yourself!  I wasn’t pulling your leg now, was I.  They cracked open my laptop, clicked over to  this little ‘ol blog of mine and got busy cooking. I figured they would like reading the recipe instructions from my blog, more than they would appreciate me standing over them the whole time. So, I just kept to myself in the back room and came out every 5 minutes when they called for my assistance.


They did a great job cooking!


There was a small incident with cocoa powder spilling on the floor, and a whole stick of butter accidentally got dropped in the garbage can. However, all of the food they made turned out great! We left the butter in the garbage, thank you for asking.

Chocolate Hot Fudge Cake and Two Little Rascals

They made Chocolate Hot Fudge Cake

Fettuccine Alfredo from Jamie Cooks It Up!

and Fettuccine Alfredo.


I made a bunch of Olive Garden Breadsticks for them earlier in the day as well. (Can’t have Alfredo without them, you know). They seemed to have a great time!

Here are a few more recipes that teenagers can make quite easily…in case you are looking for such a thing. Teenagers cooking in the kitchen is something I highly recomend.



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  1. What a great and CUTE looking group of teenagers! You are very lucky that your son is comfortable enough around home to invite his friends for such a fun night!

  2. I can only hope when my son gets older he will want to do the same thing. You should be very honored and proud. =) They are great looking kids and to think they did it as a group is even better. Way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jamie, even tho I don’t leave a comment I really LOVE your blog. This one is cute,my grandson would love it. Loved the one last week to make before Conf came on TV. BUT, how come we can’t email to our friends or grand children at BYU or on missions?? I have a gd in Florida, gs in Guatamala & gs in the Philippines. They wud love these recipes too & ask for easy recipes to make.

  4. Oh, forgot to say how cute…no, absolutely darling & very good looking Mark is. AND I just love your twins. I wanted to have twins, but was only blessed to have the one. I did have 5 children also. They are all in their 50’s now. I have great-grandchildren & the 17th coming any day. Thanx for such a great blog!!

  5. Very nice looking young man…and you must be doing everything right if he wants to bring his dates home and include you in the mix. Great job, Mom!

  6. What an awesome opportunity for your kids! A great way to have a fun date, not worry mom and dad, and really impress a CUTE girl! I bet you’re the most loved mom on the block!

  7. Oh how I love that cute boy (and his mom)!!! You’re right, he is really old all of a sudden! He is the nicest teenage boy in the whole world, and I am so lucky to be his FAVORITE aunt!!

    His date is super cute too!