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My boy Mark was awarded the Eagle Scout of Honor this past week. Good on him, right! 🙂


When he was just a little baby I remember feeling super blessed and overwhelmed with young motherly love. I knew I would love him every single day I was living on this green earth. I was grateful to have a fabulous husband on board to love him as much as I did and still do.


I figured his siblings, grandparents extended family would love him too.


I was right…they do. He’s a lucky boy.


I hoped he would find good, solid, honorable friends which he has done and for which I count my lucky stars. 🙂

What I hadn’t counted on, were a few fabulous scout leaders that have taken him under their wing…


Supported him along the way. Mentored him, advised him…stuck by him when the going was tough…


and who are fabulous examples. For them and for all the thousands of  hours they devote to scouting and to my boy in particular I am beyond grateful.


Who wouldn’t be grateful for scout leaders like these, I ask you!


Feeling beyond blessed to live in such a  fantastic community…


It does this mama’s heart a lot of good.

A special thank you to Mark’s  fabulous leaders, and a shout out to all of you wonderful scout leaders out there. Thank you for sacrificing so much of your time! You are doing a lot of good, whether you know it or not. 🙂

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  1. As a mom with both a Cub and a Boy Scout, I get it… and CONGRATS to you AND your son. He never would have gotten to where he is without your love and support (and sometimes prodding! LOL). That’s awesome and the country should be able to expect great things from his leadership in the future. (I’m a subscriber and a lurker… and I don’t comment much… but this… THIS is definitely worth my time to make sure kudos were sent! 🙂 Oh…and I LOVE YOUR RECIPES!) 🙂