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Every summer in LDS communities around the globe, the Young Women of our church and their leaders go off into the wilderness to experience Girls Camp. My daughters and I were able to attend our stakes Girls Camp last week, and man did we have a good time.


The theme this year was “Walk in Royal Footsteps” and focused on commendable women (royal, wonderful women!) from the Bible and Book of Mormon. Each leader and young woman received one of these cool necklaces at the end of a faith walk. A little reminder to walk in royal footsteps. Cool beans. 🙂


My ward was assigned to study Queen Esther from the Bible as part of the camp activities. My daughters were given sweat shirts with this logo on them. Love it. A lot a great meaning in those 9 words. My friend Kim Thueson was our ward camp director. I believe she designed the logo and then had them printed on sweat shirts at 801Promos. You can access their website here.


These fine and very serious individuals were the stake leaders for camp. Did I mention it was a really somber camp with very little laughing and fun going on. No? Oh, right. That must be because it was a boat load of humorous fun.


I was assigned to the food committee. There were 250 people to feed 3 times a day! I have to admit to being more than a little worried about going. I knew there would be a severe lack of sleep and and an enormous amount of work to do. Those two factors don’t usually lend themselves to a rip-roaring good time, right? We cooked our little hearts out. And it was great. Exhausting, yes! Still trying to catch up on my sleep? You know it. But it was a really, really fun time. I don’t think I have laughed as much since I was a budding youth myself.

Wouldn’t you laugh if you got to see these two ya-hoos running around acting like loons all week. I bet you would. I surely did. Laughed myself silly.


There was a lot of good times to be had.


This fine couple served on the food committee with me. Would you believe they are 75 years old! That Dr. Seuss had totally made my day.


Great people make me happy.


The camp site we were at had some awesome accommodations. There was a nice A-frame cabin to keep our non-perishable food in.




I think we only had to shoo 2 or 3 chipmunks away from this stash.


This great rolling machine is a refrigerated trailer. If you ever plan to feed 250 people in the middle of the forest, rent one of these babies. It was awesome and a real life saver.


Some wise person remembered to bring the kitchen sink, times two. Good on him.


We made Pepperoni Pasta Salad to go with sandwiches for lunch one day. That, is a lot of salad!


The girls had a real thing for salad. We kept running out! Who knew girls would go crazy over lettuce. 🙂 Another big hit was the Butter Cream Syrup we served with pancakes for breakfast, as well some Cream Cheese Toffee Dip we served with apples as a side at lunch one day.


Cheesy Dutch Oven Funeral Potatoes, in mass production. They were a real hit. Recipe and instructions coming up next week.


What is camp without a smore or two? My friend Lindsay put together a killer smores bar that was loved by girls and leaders alike. Details on what we served and how it was put together coming up in a post next week.


My friend Ryan set up a really cool obstacle course for the girls and any leaders who wanted to try it out.


It was kind of like one of the challenges on the show “Survivor” only people were wearing  more clothing and didn’t have to eat plain white rice for dinner.


What a She-Rah. She is my hero. Julie Thomson, ladies and gentlemen!


Skit night was fun.


Can you tell what these girls are doing?


Any guesses  now?


Synchronized swimming, of course. 🙂

It was great to live in the middle of the mountains for several days.


And to see so many people work together for a common goal.




So happy I got to attend.

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  1. Oh this brought back happy memories and a tear or two!
    I had the happy experience to be a “Cookie” for several years at our girls camp in California — Camp Liahona. Those were the days!
    Thanks for sharing and bringing back those memories.

    1. I went to Camp Liahona growing up. Camping with my family and Girls Camp. Rucker Lake brings back fond memories. We also went to Clark’s Fork and Treasure Mountain. I was in the Stockton Stake.

      1. Yes– have been to those camps too. My husband was on the Liahona committee for a while so we visited them all.
        I came from the Walnut Creek area.

  2. Thanks for the pictures! I wanted to see some from our ward Mill Canyon but I like yours! Sounds like it was still a lot of fun despite the rain!

  3. I loved girls camp growing up, but have only gone once as an adult, for half of the week. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I would love to go up as a camp cook, just for a week. I’ve done it for the whole summer a long time ago, and it is stressful! Kudos to you and the other cookies!

  4. Absolutely love your website Jamie!! Would love to know how to get one of those sweatshirts for my girls here in Kansas City. Any idea where the sweatshirts came from? Thanks so much for all of the great recipes and stories! Always puts a smile on my face.

    1. Tonya,
      Thanks for your kind words about my site. So happy to hear you are enjoying it. 🙂
      My friend Kim was our wards camp director, I believe she designed the logo and then sent it to 801Promos and they printed it on the sweatshirts. Here is a link to their website.
      Not sure if you can still buy one with that exact logo, but I would check with them to see. It’s such a great message, right? Best of luck to you!

  5. When my Ashlyn got home I think her second sentence was, “Mom, Jamie Cooksitup was there! It was amazing food everyday, all week.” So Sister Cooksitup, thanks for taking care of these beauties for the week and sharing your amazing talents of food with them!

    1. Erika,
      Oh, your daughter is so kind. Happy to know the food was well received! The girls were darling and we loved cooking for them. Angela Howells headed up our committee and deserves all the credit for her great meal planning. She did an fabulous job! It was fun to go along as the “grunt helper”. Hope you guys are having a great summer!

  6. I’m so glad you’ve posted all of these awesome pics! It is fun to see what you all did. I’m sad we are no longer in the same stake! Girls Camp is such a great thing for our young women.

    1. Erin,
      I missed being able to see you at our camp, Erin! I heard you guys had a great camp as well. So happy it went well for both stakes. Miss ya. 🙂