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This pretty girl of mine turned 15 this week. She’s going off to high school in a few more days.


But she used to be just a wee little thing.

P3290005 Fix_edited-1

Sweet as can be. (Lucky for me…she still is.)


On the day she turned  7 years old, I went to the hospital and gave birth to her tiny twin brothers. What a birthday gift!

share a birthday

She’s always been a good sport about sharing her birthday.


She is a pleasant peach, this one…


Feeling blessed to be her mama.

Anna and a few of my sweet nieces. Why is it I get teared up looking at that picture!

I would imagine it has something to do with  these four being babies 5 minutes ago and now just take a look.

Crazy thing about…time, you know.

The old bugger does not stand still.

Happy Birthday sweet Anna. Since the very second you were born you’ve been one of the great blessing of my life.

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  1. Love my sweet Anna! She is a beautiful, wonderful, and talented young woman. I’m greatful to be her “second momma”! Love you more than numbers Anna Marie!
    -Momma Schut

  2. What a beautiful girl. I know if she’s anything like her mom she is also smart, caring, and loving! Happy Birthday:)

  3. What a sweet post about a darling daughter. And – I am a twin and on the day my twin sister and I turned 7, our youngest sister was born! She has been a trooper about sharing her birthday with us for her entire life! In fact, our other sister is the only girl in the family who doesn’t share our birthday. Poor thing…

  4. In a family of 4 members, I have been blessed with having a daughter. It was the best thing that happened to me since I got married, also I need to visit the site to complete my pending tasks on time. But after reading your blog post, I really love my life too as you’ve shared the love with your baby. Thanks!