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Halloween is approaching, which is a wonderful thing because Halloween is just so danged cute! Now, to be clear. When I say “cute”, I am no way-shape-or-form referring to the 15 year olds that knock on my door on Halloween night (wearing no costume), holding out a bulging pillow case and mumbling something like “Yo. Hey. Trick or Treat, man.”

Don’t get me wrong. I like teenagers. Love them, in fact and would never deny anyone a fun sized candy bar for goodness sake. But those teens are not my favorite part of Halloween.

I love the little tykes. The sweet little toddlers who can barely make it up my step with their heavy jack o lanterns full of goodies, draped in fuzzy-furry costumes…eyes bright with the wonder of it all. I could eat them up. I really could. I wouldn’t complain if they came to my door once a week, truly. Looking forward to it again this year. Two weeks to go… 🙂

For you all today, I’ve put together a list of Fun and Spooky Halloween Recipes to see you through to Halloween. Hope you find something to love!

Witches BrewWitches Brew


Spider Web Oreos

Spider Web Oreos


Halloween Munch MixSweet and Salty Halloween Munch Mix


candy corn sugar cookiesCandy Corn Sugar Cookies


SpSpooktacular Halloween Cupcakes

Pumpkin Patch CookiesPumpkin Patch Cookies

 A Halloween postBreadstick Bones with Blood-Red Dipping Sauce

Pumpkin Candy Cookies ResizedPumpkin Candy Cookies

Pudding Cup GraveyardPudding Cup Graveyard


Sugar CookiesSugar Cookies


Spooky Halloween Monster Cookies from Jamie Cooks It Up

Spooky Halloween Monster Cookies

13 games

 Here is a post with a bunch of our favorite Halloween Party Games! 


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