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Yesterday, my daughters and I made just under 1000 chocolate dipped strawberries. Because we are partly (super) crazy, but mostly so Anna (my eldest daughter) could earn money to pay for her high school choir trip to California.


I got some pretty wild looks when I left Costco with this many berries, I really did.  🙂


It was a fun day, and I am not pulling your leg! My girls (and my little boys, for that matter!) worked their little hearts out. It was a family affair, with all hands on deck.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



We sold no less than 165 boxes to our family, friends and neighbors.



The best part of the day?

Besides spending time working with my kids, making the money Anna needs for her trip, visiting with my cool neighbors and eating chocolate dipped strawberries…

Was when MyHandsomeHusband (my favorite valentine, truly) came home from work, washed all the dishes and mopped my kitchen floor.


Is True Love.

PS…Happy Valentines Day. 🙂


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  1. Those look wonderful. Although I could make them myself, I would buy from her too! Let’s face it, a young adult trying to make money for a trip….I would have bought for friends too!!!

  2. wow you were a busy bee..they boxes look amazing..glad you were able to raise the money needed..I love!!! dipped strawberries..had I been closer I would have gotten one for sure..kudos to your hubby too..;) happy valentines day:)

  3. What a wonderful hubs (he’s a keeper!!). What a wonderful idea to sell those for Vday to make the monies !!
    She is a very pretty young lady and you should be very proud of her !! (which I know you are !!). Happy Vday to you and yours !!!

  4. That is a lovely experience and memory you and your family will have, what could be better than that! ..wish I could have had a sample:)

  5. I admit. Chocolate covered strawberries are one of my all time favorites so are always on my wish list. My sweet hubby picked up some for me from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory…. Seriously yours put theirs to shame. Next time let us know when you’re doing such a fund raiser. I’m sure all your local followers could bring in some bucks!!!

  6. awesome job. what size clamshell did you use and where did you find them? do you have a pic of the flyer that you used to sell/promote selling?