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I snapped this picture when I was on a walk earlier this week. Isn’t it serene. It speaks a little bit of peace right to my heart. I’ve been on a walking rampage lately in an effort to healthify my hefty being. Something must be done, truly. I have been walking and walking and walking all over the place.


…and taking a lot of pictures along the way. There’s something about being out in the open and drinking in the gorgeous scenery.


It can really clear a person’s mind.



I wanted to tell you about a great walking app I found recently that is AH-mazing. This is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links. Just sharing something cool I have found recently for any of you who may head out on a stroll now and then.

MapMyWalk apps

It’s called Map My Walk and it seriously tracks you through a GPS system while you trail around. It logs your distance, pace, calorie burn and time spent. It shows you a little map so you can see where you’ve been and where you might want to go. There’s a nice little voice that chimes in when you have logged a mile, reporting your progress. It even shows your elevation. Technology is incredible, yes? I am in love with this little app, seriously. It’s totally free. There is a Map My Run, for you overachieving runners out there, as well as a Map My Ride that will track cycling. All of the apps will sync with My Fitness Pal…

…which is another app I have been enjoying as of late. Totally free. Totally awesome, if you are into tracking your calories. Which in truth really isn’t that much fun (all in all, I’d rather eat my weight in Homemade Caramels, which is a lot more enjoyable but is apparently bad for your health. What a shame). This app makes counting calories pretty darn easy. It has a huge database where you can search for just about any food and pull up the calorie count. It also has a built in scanner you can use to scan the barcode of anything under the sun and find out the calorie content. It has a TON of features that are super handy.

That’s my report for the week, gang. More recipes coming soon. Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I LOVE my Fitness Pal – I log my exercise and every bite I eat every single day. I started doing zumba after I got a set for Christmas last year – I didn’t start truly getting into it regularly until May. Since them I am down 18 pounds – but tracking everything truly helps – holds me accountable of what I eat. I don’t diet – I refuse to diet…just watching caloric intake and making smarter choices helps…plus I build in one cheat day a week where I just eat whatever the heck I want, regardless of all the reds it shows on my good old fitness pal. 🙂

    1. BTW – if you log 30 days in a row, they send you awesome coupons and codes for under armor clothing…I’ve received two so far. Was able to buy a nice workout shirt, and 2 sports bras for a fraction of the cost! Yay!

      1. Jennifer,
        How great is that! I will look forward to day 30. 🙂 Thanks for your fun tips and congrats on your 18 pound loss. That’s impressive!

  2. Oh, Jamie, I’m happy for you! You’re going to love the way you feel, and your doctor is going to love your blood pressure and other numbers. 🙂 Walking is one of my very favorite exercises. No distractions, nobody can get at you, nice and quiet, etc. You picked a good one.

  3. Great job on the walking Jamie. Love the pictures.
    I got a fitbit for my birthday a year ago and love it. I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t moving until I starting using it. I was only walking maybe 1,000 steps a day. Now I average 10,000 and I feel great!

  4. I use the my fitness pal app also and it is amazing. If you login to their website on the computer you can import recipes and it will tell you the calories then you will be able to choose that meal when you make it and know how much you ate!! How amazing is that? I have actually loaded in a few Jamie Cooks It Up Recipes.

    1. Andrea,
      How cool is that! Thanks for telling me about the recipe counter. I will definitely check it out!

  5. Lovely photos! And I will have to check into that fitness pal app. I am trying to “healthify” also and love to walk, but don’t have a good place to do so.