The Week’s Report: Friendship

The Week’s Report: Friendship

Earlier this week a dear friend sent this comic (drawn by Sarah’s Scribbles) to me. Great stuff, isn’t it! I particularly loved the line “You are so pretty I could die!” and the last frame where all of the friends are holding her up like she is the champion of life in general. Female friendship is pretty incredible. It’s such a blessing, truly. I’ve felt like the girl in the comic strip on many an occasion, from the first frame to the last.

This past October at the Relief Society Session of the LDS General Conference they showed a fantastic (very short, only 2 minutes long) video on friendship. I thought it fitting to share here with all of you today.

My favorite quote…

“…the mark of a good friend is someone who sees your good qualities and ignores your weak ones…”

Thank goodness for friends who are willing to offer up love in spite of the many human weaknesses we all carry with us. Feeling so blessed today to have amazing women friends in my life. Love to you all. 🙂

PS…if you are looking for a great (super funny!) book on friendship, I loved and recommend this one.

Nobody’s Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle

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