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 There’s really nothing like a fresh juicy peach. 
The flavor is divine, isn’t it?
I bought a big box of peaches at a roadside produce stand last week, and believe me….it was the right thing to do.
The only peaches left in my possession…..are these pictures. 
The kids and I have been eating peaches and cream every morning. 
And sometimes at night. 
And often in the sunny afternoon.
Don’t tell my wee ones….but I just pour 1% milk over the top and call it cream. 
I know. 
Really rude. 
But listen….
I figure peaches and REAL cream eaten three times a day is just plain gluttony. 
So, we’ll stick with the milk for our Peaches and Cream addiction.
Or should I call it Peaches and Skinny Cream. 
Maybe if I say the word “skinny” at least 10 times each day my hips will hear me and take to shrinking. 
I thought you might like to see some simple little tricks for cutting and peeling peaches. Just in case you happen to have some peaches…and you want to cut them.
And just in case you want to make the
that I will be revealing to you tomorrow. 

It’s a beauty, can be made rather quickly, will make your eyes roll back in your head…..and there aint’ nothin’ skinny about it.

Cutting A Peach With The Peel On
 Be sure you are using ripe peaches, they will provide the sweetest (most heavenly) flavor.  Peaches are ripe when the flesh is soft, not firm. If your peaches are hard….just let them hang out on the counter for another day or two, until they ripen. 
Your peach eating experience will be far more pleasurable,
if you let the pretty ladies sweeten up. 
A hard peach, ain’t a sweet one. 

Rinse your peach under warm water, rubbing the skin with your fingers while water pours over the top to remove the scratchy peach fuzz. Take a sharp knife and run it along the natural crease of the peach. 
 Make another cut from the top of the peach to the bottom, using the knife to pull the slice of peach away from the pit. 
To cut smaller pieces cut several lines around the side of your peach. Then cut from top to bottom again and pull the slices away from the pit with your knife. 
The smaller chunks of peaches should fall out easily. 
This is the method I use to cut peaches for my skinny version of Peaches and Cream. It goes pretty quickly and as I said….
we love Peaches and Skinny Cream like we love a sunny fall day around here. Don’t care for peaches with the peel on?
Keep reading to see how to take those peels of in a jiffy. 
How To Peel A Peach
Carefully lay the peaches in the bottom of a clean sink. 
(Doesn’t work as well if  you lay them on top of dirty dishes….just throwing that little tip out there.)
Pour HOT water over the top of the peaches and let them soak in it for at least 10 minutes. 
Transfer the peaches to a large bowl and pour ice water over them. Let them sit for a few minutes in the cool water….
Then using a sharp knife cut a slit in the top of your peach, tuck the knife under the skin and peel it off.

Cut the peach in half, remove the pit and slice it as desired.  Peaches can easily be frozen for later use. Just peel and slice them… sprinkle with a bit of Fruit Fresh, place them in a small freezer safe zip loc bag, lay them out flat in your freezer and you are good to go!
What you see here is four lovely cups of 
Whatever shall we make with them………

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