Weekly Menu Plan, October Week #4

Weekly Menu Plan, October Week #4

Hello there, dear reader. I have a great lineup of food for you again this week, including the amazing Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas, some Apple Wheat Pancakes (perfect for fall!) and a wonderful recipe for Italian Tortellini Soup.

Hope you find something to love!

Skillet Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas, Chips and Salsa

Italian Tortellini Soup

Fabulous French Bread 

Apple Wheat Pancakes 

Simple Skillet Breakfast Potatoes 

Spaghetti Pie , Green Salad and leftover Fabulous French Bread from Day #2

Turkey Ranch Flatbread Sandwiches and Chips

Buttercream Chicken 

Blackberry Cashew Salad 

Chocolate Peanut butter Sheet Cake 

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