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Looking for something fast, healthy and delicious to make for lunch or dinner. Give this fabulous chopped salad a try. It’s not really a “recipe” per-say, but more like a technique idea. You can really use whatever ingredients you like. The great thing about it is, it comes together so quickly.

Let me show you what I mean. 🙂

Grab a cutting board, lay out your greens, then whatever veggies you like. I tend to use veggies that are already small or prechopped, like shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, snap peas, mini peppers or mini cucumber. Just lay them over the top of the greens. Layer some deli meat (I used turkey), or rotisserie chicken…or even hard boiled eggs on top of the greens and place a slice of cheese on top. Then take a large sharp knife and chop from the top down. It’s so much faster to chop everything together like this, instead of chopping each individual ingredient.

I like to add some shaved parmesan…

…and roasted sunflower seeds. You can use whatever you like!

My latest favorite dressing option is this Basil Infused Olive Oil and Trader Joes Balsamic Glaze.

So good, so easy!

Hope you get a chance to try it!

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