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Weekly Menu Jan 26-Feb , and SUPER BOWL Recipes Ideas

Weekly Menu Jan 26-Feb , and SUPER BOWL Recipes Ideas
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Hello there, everyone. Thanks for dropping by today for the Weekly Menu Plan. I have only given you 5 meals this week. The super bowl is on Sunday, as most of you well know and I have a few things to share with you in that regard. :) In this post you will find a picture link below to last years Super Bowl Recipe Roundup (that post includes 35 game day recipes, click over if you need ideas!)  I’ve also left you with a few of links to my favorite party food.


PS…you and I have almost made it to FEBRUARY! That is something to smile about!

Best Day #1

Cheesy Ham and Chicken Casserole Jamie Cooks It Up! Cheesy Ham, Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

Day #2

the last_edited-1 Hearty Spaghetti

Quick and Easy BreadsticksQuick and Easy Breadsticks

Day #3

Pan Fried Fish

Lemon Butter Rice from Jamie Cooks It UpLemon Butter Rice

Day #4

full copyrighted
Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

English Muffin Bread from JCIUEnglish Muffin Bread

Day #5

IMG_2467_edited-1Simple French Bread Pizza
Green Salad

35 Superbowl Recipes

Click HERE or the picture above, to see 35 Fabulous Super Bowl Recipes.
If you don’t find something you love within that post…here are a few more choices for you…

Pepperoni Pizza Party Dip

Easy S'more Dip from Jamie Cooks It Up!Easy Smore Dip

Seven Layer Bean Dip from Jamie Cooks It Up!!!Fabulous Seven Layer Bean Dip

Have a great week!

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